Pet Portraits OC

Tashia R. Peterman – M.Photog.Cr.

I grew up bringing home every stray pet I could find. My parents finally let me keep one at age 10. I don’t think I have ever been without a pet, since. At age 18, I got a job at a grooming and boarding kennel in Utah, and learned the skills I would need to become a full-time pet groomer. I moved to California just before I turned 20 and went to work at various grooming shops until opening my own shop in Laguna Niguel in 1992. I went on to  own two more shops and finally retired from pet grooming in 2000.

I tend to work better with animals than I do with children. I am often called the dog or cat magnet when I visit people with pets, or am out in public where there are animals. I am very guilty of ignoring the people around me when there is an animal nearby.

We currently have 2 dogs in our home. I am really missing having cats since ours passed away a few years back; after long, happy lives. We are looking forward to meeting you and your pets!



Lance R. Curtis – Apprentice


Lance, like his Mother, has always had a very strong love for animals. He spent his early years helping-out at his mother’s grooming shop, playing in the field behind it — catching frogs and insects. There was always a pet or two in the house as he was growing up and he always formed a tight bond with each one. Working with animals is his passion.

Lance has decided to pursue a photography career working with me. This, combined with his love of animals, is a perfect fit for his creative and compassionate nature.